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Am I allowed to add a link on my profile page to a Adult based Yahoo Group or will I get banned for doing that? Thnx Posted at 12:41AM, 7 July.

Increase your adult traffic tomorrow! 500,000 + adult Yahoo group members,in the catagory of "Romance & Relationships joeit79 Banned.

generally they wont know, until they attempt to log onto the group. if you have files that do go out- it will go to that removed or banned person, if you have no such.

Since Yahoo doesn't operate or maintain any groups, you'll want to email the group's moderator or owner with any questions. Find out how to connect with your.

During the switchover from Yahoo Clubs to Yahoo Groups, the Book a Month Club, along with All spammers will be banned and removed from the group. The genres vary from fiction, nonfiction, young adult, manga, and even poetry.