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Certainly You love it. I let my dog lick my pussy and I loved it my gosh the way it turned me on that soft lick on my clit no man has gave me that feeling then when I .

When I was a little kid, I was playing with my little puppy dog and somehow in millenia of domestication of dogs might include licking pussy.

After having sex and my husband pulls out, my dog will immediately start licking the juices off my vagina. After it is satisfied, it will go over to my husband and.

He's a well behaved adult dog and he does what he's told. Over he course He's licking my girlfriend's bare pussy as she's asleep. She sleeps.

“I let my dog lick my mouth. “I grab the lips of my vagina and pull them out, making a suction sound. “I talk Ace Ventura-style with my vagina.