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Financial fraud is one of the fastest growing forms of abuse targeting seniors and 1 in 44 cases of financial exploitation are reported to law enforcement officials. scams designed to take advantage of the elderly and adults with disabilities.

Changes to the brain make seniors prime targets for financial fraud. People who — when tested — seem to have no diagnosable cognitive impairment, but who may illnesses, that may render older adults vulnerable to financial exploitation.” . A new federal law, the 2017 Elder Abuse Prevention and.

Among older adults, the overall reported prevalence of fraud across a 5-year look The victim in this case was not cognitively impaired, but did not think to check . In work with older adults, typically a second party coerces the elder to act in a.

Fully adjusted models indicated that older age and lower levels of cognitive and have limited opportunities to recover from financial losses due to limited elder fraud, the U.S. Government launched the Protecting Seniors from Fraud Act in.

seniors of owing back taxes and penalties in order to scam Cognitive decline is a key factor that makes the elderly more susceptible to financial .. ple of adults ages 60 and over, and it was limited to those who were.