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The total amount of potassium in the adult body is about 45 millimole (mmol)/kg Although blood potassium levels can provide some indication of potassium . intake from foods is 3,016 mg for men and 2,320 mg for women.

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Kidney disease is a common cause of a high potassium level. You often have a blood test with your yearly physical that checks for your potassium levels. The blood sample can check to see whether your potassium levels are in the normal range.

Low potassium levels in your blood is also called hypokalemia. Normal levels of potassium range from 3.5 mmol/L to 5.1 mmol/L in adults. (Reference ranges.

Normal levels of potassium in the blood are generally between 3.7 and 5.2 mEq/ L (milliequivalents per liter) for adults and 3.4-4.7 mEq/L for children. For adults.