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Dec 11, 2015 At first glance, the teens who made headlines in 2015 couldn't be more different. Some captivate millions of fans on YouTube or Instagram.

Feb 16, 2012 Thinking about “Hard Candy” got us debating ultra tough kick ass teenage girls and thus a list was born. Five Bad Ass Teen Girls We Love: 1.

Aug 11, 2019 “BADASS”. adj. 1. fearless, authentic, and compassionate, Urban Dictionary. Send your teen girl (ages 13-17) to a week of sleepaway camp.

Summer's Biggest Teen Badass. For a Summer filled with onscreen teenage badasses, MTV created this category in 2013. Chloë Moretz won for her role in.

When I was 16 my friends and I decided that on NYE we would go to a big house party someone was throwing, their mum was going to be out.