It's Hard To Stay Friends With A Guy After You've Seen His Penis - i saw his penis


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When I was still in elementary school, I saw a penis while I was sitting on the swings. I was minding my business, trying to keep a low profile because I was a.

I was at my best friend's house at like age 8. Her older brother was 16 at the time and had a pretty intense case of autism. He had little functionality and his mom.

I saw my baby brother's penis when I was a kid, if that counts. “WHAT IS THAT? WHY IS HE SO DIFFERENT?”.

He hadn't warned me about how big his penis was, but when he got it out of his pants the first The first time she saw Tom's penis, Sophie exclaimed: 'Oh my f*.

I saw a penis on the way to work today. That's not a metaphor or a reference to someone I think is a bit of a knob: I literally, unintentionally, saw.