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Queen are a British rock band formed in London in 1970. Their classic line-up was Freddie . In January 1975, the band left for a world tour with each member in Zandra Rhodes-created costumes Wants to Live Forever" as a tribute to the victims of the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida earlier that day .

Freddie Mercury was a British singer, songwriter, record producer, and lead vocalist of the rock . I was certainly aware of the gay connotations, but that was just one facet of it." At about the Shortly before the release of Queen's self-titled first album, Mercury designed the band's logo, known as the "Queen crest". The logo.

An in-depth look into how Freddie Mercury and Queen dealt with his sexuality. "We were very close as a group," drummer Roger Taylor said, not But trouble loomed, as the AIDS crisis swept through the gay community.

How do you make a movie about the lead singer of Queen that's PG-13? Mercury He was a gay icon who also ruled heavy-metal parking lots.

The mean-spirited, gay-shaming biopic of the Queen frontman rewrites He and Mercury first meet when the singer is depicted on a dark path.