Original Mauser 98 5-round Stripper Clip 8mm for sale online | eBay - m48 stripper clips for sale


8mm Mauser Stripper Clips Yugoslavian Yugo M48 K98 8X57 Mod98 With Original Box | eBay m48 stripper clips for sale

Show product details for 7.62 NATO 5 Round Stripper Clip Set of 10 · Add to the cart: 7.62 Add to the cart: 7mm Mauser Stripper Clip Brass and Steel Set of 5.

Buy It Now K98 M98 8mm Mauser Stripper Clips Set of 5 Blackened Steel 5 Round 8mm Stripper Clip Mauser Rifle M24 K98 K98K 98K M48 8x57 M95M H7.

These will work in German k98, Yugoslavian m48, Turkish mausers and maybe 5 Stripper Clip Mauser Rifle WW2 German Yugo M24 K98 98K M48 8mm.

Stripper Clips? Browse the large selection of Stripper Clips products offered by Numrich Gun Parts. Stripper Clip Guide, New G.I. (May Show Storage Wear).

8mm 5 Round Stripper Clips for Mauser K98 K98K 98K M48 M24 10CT. by gunandsurplus · Write a review Verified Purchase. Some are slightly tighter that .