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The messy room is both a representation of the young adolescent's more So to begin with, parents need to understand that early adolescents.

Is Your Teen's Bedroom a Health Hazard? Happily, as disgusting as your teen's messy room might be, it's unlikely to pose any serious health risks. So how can you get your teen to keep his or her room clean, or at least somewhat less disgusting?.

Several months ago, I saw a photo on Facebook of a teen’s messy room. Parents encourage their children to clean up their own messes. I remember singing the “Clean Up” song with my children when they were small and helping them tidy up their room.

Are messy teenagers causing chaos in your house this summer? Your Teen's expert listens to both sides of the story to help you deal with the mess.

Let teens have a messy room- a space in this world that they can call theirs, where they can totally exhale, be who they are with no pressure to perform.